Elliott Halpern

Emmy award-winning producer and director Elliott Halpern has truly done and seen it all, and with a broad spectrum of programming under his belt, yap’s president is continuously pushing the envelope in all genres including history, science, reality, and adventure.

Elizabeth Trojian

As yap’s chief creative officer and executive producer on multiple films and series, Elizabeth is a creative mastermind whose light bulb never turns off. She’s constantly churning out new ideas for programming.

Elliott and Elizabeth

Elliott and Elizabeth run the shop at yap. From creation to execution, they’re our fearless leaders that make it all happen. Look out for them at your nearest television conference (and don’t be shy, come say hi!).

Sam Simpson

As yap’s controller, Sam is the man with the financial plan. He’s been expertly managing yap’s finances for over a decade, and rumor is he can calculate the square root of any number in under a second flat (although he’ll deny it if you ask him).

Susanne Ritzau

Susanne’s superpower is staying calm when faced with mammoth tax credit applications. Susanne navigates yap through the contractual maze of showbiz as our head of business affairs.

Harrison Freedman

Yap’s post-production supervisor is so on top of his edit suites, his name might as well be “Final Cut” Freedman. With his team of editorial whizzes, this cityslickin’ cowboy is always confident he can “fix it in post”.