the doghouse

Elliott Halpern – “Leader of the Pack”
Award-winning producer and director Elliott Halpern has truly done and seen it all, and with a broad spectrum of programming under his belt, yap films’ president is continuously pushing the envelope in all genres including history, science, reality, and adventure.

Elizabeth Trojian – “Sharpest Tool in the Shed”
Yap’s director of development and executive producer on multiple series include the popular Things You Need to Know and Shred! for Discovery Canada, Elizabeth is a creative mastermind whose light-bulb never turns off, and she’s constantly churning out new ideas for programming.

Robin Gleadall – “Sign On the Dotted Line”
As yap’s business affairs manager, this no-nonsense gal can get projects up and running faster than her Harley. Her knowledge of international treaty co-productions, tax credits and funding incentives has kept us on top of the game for the last decade.

Sam Simpson – “The Money Man”
As the controller at yap films, Sam is the man with the financial plan. He’s been expertly managing yap’s finances for over a decade, and rumor is he can calculate the square root of any number in under a second flat (although he’ll deny it if you ask him).

Sam Halpern – “Tonto”
Yap’s development coordinator is Elizabeth’s trusty sidekick, researching and writing treatments for new ideas. With their crack development team, yap films is always looking for the next big story to break to the masses.

Harrison Freedman – “Straight Shooter”
Yap’s post-production supervisor is so on top of his edit suites, his name might as well be “Final Cut” Freedman. With his team of editorial whizzes, this cityslickin’ cowboy is always confident he can “fix it in post”.

Anja Sobkowska – “The Oracle”
Anja, yap’s head of production, makes sure that every production runs as seamlessly as possible. She plans everything down to the last detail, and with an excellent track record on her previous productions at yap, the proof is in the pudding.

Jordan Jackson – “Happy Feet”
As yap’s in-house production assistant, Jordan is always on the move. Faster than the speed of light, he’s a multitasker extraordinaire and a jack-of-all-trades.